Ways to get your fussy kid to eat

Tried and tested, these are six tips that work when Georgie refuses food or insists on eating a mango for dinner.

1. Lie!┬áBecause most times, it works. One day Georgie asked me what was for lunch. I told him tuna and mayonnaise in a pitta pocket. For some reason, even though he likes tuna and mayonnaise, that day he kicked up a fuss. Up until the moment I placed the pita pocket in front of him he was sulking …so I lied. I told him I confused tuna with tofu and that what he was about to eat was in fact tofu. Let me just mention that Georgie has absolutely no clue what tofu is (even though he’s been eating tofu hot dogs for a couple of years now) and I had absolutely no idea if what I was saying would even register! But the mere mention of something different with a weird name and I had his attention and he finished that pita pocket.

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In the kitchen// Eggs on toast with kale

This simple combination is one of my all-time favourite meals. Why? First of all, it’s protein-based, which is always a good and healthy idea. Throw in the fact that these eggs are freshly picked from my dad’s farm and it’s easy to see why I love it. Reason number two is the quick and easy factor, so important in a busy mother’s life. And last but by no means least, there’s kale, one of the healthiest greens and foods in general!

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I love it when the heat strikes hard and my appetite scuttles away. That is until a strong cool breeze hits a couple of months later and I’m back to thinking of steaks and gravy. I always feel healthier, if you will, in the summer. I make better eating choices and am more active with a mind focused on nothing apart from making memories with my family, being outside, among the waves and living life.

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The Parent Hood //14

1. This is reality. Photos from around the world show mankind’s destruction of this planet.

2. Toddler behaviour tips: A survival guide for the terrible threes and f*ck it fours.

3. A great mummy blog written by a mother of two who is based in London.

4. How I organised my entire life! In this post, there are some fantastic tips for general organising and a clutter-free life.

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My grab and go quick and healthy breakfast

Since Georgie started school we don’t get a chance to enjoy breakfast together anymore. There’s just about enough time to pack his school bag, prepare whatever I will be needing for the day, make myself presentable and head out. I am a huge breakfast fan and will never limit myself to just toast or eggs or cereal even though Georgie could easily live off just the first and latter. I’ve been known to eat roasted chicken and potatoes in the morning. Honestly, anything will do, as long as it keeps me going until lunchtime.

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