The organic lollipop

Anytime we’re in line at the supermarket and I see a lollipop stand within kids’ reach, I see red. It annoys me, to say the least because no matter how hard we, as parents, try to spare our kids teeth from all sorts of artificial sweeteners that only wreak havoc, we are surrounded by unhealthy treat options all day, every day. I’ve learnt my lesson though and now I always stock my handbag with a few healthier options like these organic lollipops.

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Tips for flying with young ones/ Emirates ‘Fly With Me Monster’ Drawing Competition

This was the part that made me nervous. A part of our trip I felt I should be fully prepared for. Or else. Five hours in an aeroplane with a four-year old could have been chaotic but luckily all the tips and advice I read up on before our holiday worked like a charm. While kids cannot be expected to sit still or sleep on demand, there are ways to keep them entertained and preoccupied and most importantly, somewhat quiet. Here are my favourite tips for flying with young ones:

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Georgie in London

Over the Easter holidays, we took our first family trip abroad. We flew to London for a few days and then made our way up North where my brother lives and spent a lovely albeit freezing day in Liverpool. London on the other hand was in full spring swing and nothing is more gorgeous than London in spring. Traveling for the first time with Georgie was an interesting and unforgettable experience that makes me want more! However I have a feeling Georgie will be disappointed if we don’t make it back to London soon; ask him where he lives and he’ll say ‘London!’

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Five ways to manage your child’s behavior

Last week, one of Georgie’s teachers almost made me cry. It was during a parent-teacher meeting, the second this year. Let me just say that Georgie is in preschool so these types of meetings are short and sweet, addressing basic issues; weaknesses such as not writing in a straight line and confusing numbers 6 and 9 and strengths such as good communication and independence.

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You shop, kids play @ Boyz & Girlz boutique

Oh how I enjoy shopping for Georgie! And honestly, it doesn’t matter where; it could be at a second hand shop or a gorgeous little boutique. As long as clothes/shoes are practical, sturdy and have a perfect fit, I’m sold. Do you remember my post on Boyz & Girlz, a shop that stocks quality pieces at affordable prices for kids aged 0 to 14? If you haven’t been yet, now is your chance . Tomorrow, Friday April 3rd at 15:00, Boyz & Girlz will be celebrating its first birthday with a 20% discount on your Easter shopping as well as new arrivals too. There will also be other offers in store and most importantly, ¬†kiddie entertainment! Cristina, who is part of the Wonder Dough team will be there to keep the kids occupied with tons of arts and crafts while you and I chat over wine and of course, shopping! See you there!

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