Blowing bubbles/ Make your own

After I pick up Georgie from school, I like to surprise him with a small gift. Sometimes he gets a cookie or a muffin, other times a toy or a t-shirt. It could be anything! New or used, with sugar or not, he looks forward to that specific moment. On Monday, I gave him a bubble bottle. Always a winner with kids, received with claps and giggles by my little dude he couldn’t wait to get home and give it a go. Five bubbles later he’s dropped the bottle and is demanding a refill. As most of you probably know, plain water and plain washing up liquid will not work. And that’s why bubble bottles are almost never received with claps and giggles on my behalf.

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The Parent Hood //14

1. This is reality. Photos from around the world show mankind’s destruction of this planet.

2. Toddler behaviour tips: A survival guide for the terrible threes and f*ck it fours.

3. A great mummy blog written by a mother of two who is based in London.

4. How I organised my entire life! In this post, there are some fantastic tips for general organising and a clutter-free life.

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An interview with Georgie

When I worked as a feature writer for a newspaper, interviewing people was part of the job and I loved it. I found the task and liberty of asking people anything absolutely exhilarating. Every interview, I felt, opened my mind up to unchartered territories and new information despite experiencing my fair share of wonderfully weird and profoundly boring moments.

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Odd ends

1. Almost twinning over the weekend in our new kicks.

2. My birthday present from papa has finally found its spot.

3. Puzzles. All day. Every day. No exaggeration.

4. Selfie on a late and quiet afternoon.

5. Lunching.

6. New favourite super soft long-sleeve t-shirt.

7. Succulents, a gift from my yiayia.

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Cypriot and Proud

We Cypriots have a silly tendency: We stick to what we like and this is especially true of food. We like going to the same restaurants, tavernas, cafes and pubs forgoing some excellent choices that are now finally more available on the island.

I admit to often getting stuck in a rut when a decision has to be made about eating destinations. There are times when I fancy a favourite dish at a favourite spot but more often than not I love experimenting and will go out of my way to try something new.

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