feeling summer

DSC_0554DSC_0755DSC_0867DSC_0709DSC_0828DSC_0747DSC_0819DSC_0827DSC_0823DSC_0771DSC_0733DSC_0816DSC_0791DSC_0714DCIM102GOPROWe are more than halfway through the summer holidays. Georgie’s first day at school is looming in the background of my mind. Yet it did not manage to spoil these purely magnificent days and nights we have spent with friends and family. Cold, miserable weather is more my cup of tea but man, I am learning to enjoy summer and I love it. Georgie has been on his best behaviour even after late nights and long days at the beach. I could not be prouder of him. We spent three days beachside and even though my camera was within reach, I just wasn’t interested. Instead I rode the ferris wheel with my heavenly baby at the fun park and rolled around in the sand with him on the beach. He is absolute joy and I am savouring every moment with him. Among our other summer activities are: celebrated papa’s birthday, took boat rides, barbeque’s in the rain, did yoga under a pine tree. And also welcomed my sister’s new baby boy. He arrived early and is absolutely perfect. Welcome to the family darling boy.

I hope you are having a truly great summer too.


Oh and before I forget, I made a little video from our three days sans baby. Take a look on vimeo. There’s a slight problem with the upload so give it time.

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odd ends

DSC_0667DSC_0664 DSC_0596 DSC_0618DSC_0610DSC_0599DSC_0585 DSC_0595DSC_0594


1. Georgie’s godfather returns…

2. …bearing insanely good gifts from Russia.

3. Lily Rose’s reaction to home-baked cookies. She then proceeded to jump through the window.

4. Shadow selfie.

5. Shadow selfie with Lily.

6. Cyprus goes tropical with rain pouring from the sky. No complaints.

7.  Can’t beat summer in full swing either.

8. Summer nights with babies and ping pong.

9. The other Lily. Mwah!

The Parent Hood//04



Last time we began with parenthood musings from Denmark. This time Finnish babies sleeping in cardboard boxes and the unbelievable gift packages ALL mothers receive from the government is inspiring.

A lengthy yet fascinating article on why all the cartoon mothers are dead.

Don’t praise them for being smart. Praise them for being hard workers. Where do you stand?

Embrace your baby weight, mamas!

Have you seen Breastmilk, the movie?


splat painting

DSC_0556 DSC_0562 DSC_0577 DSC_0583Our day was nearing the end and I had been toying with the idea of splat painting since the morning. I decided our cold concrete garden wall was in need of colour so Georgie and I headed out, armed with paints, soft balls and a roll of paper. Warning: this is extremely messy. It involves paint. Splatting. If you are game anyway, of course you don’t need a concrete wall to begin. Tape some paper on the wall or hang a big piece of cloth that needs cheering up. The end result is so good and it was fun for both of us. I think we’ll be doing it again soon but this time with another batch of colours.