Saying goodbye to Lily Rose

This morning, my eyes were literally swollen shut. I am in a state of shock and saddened to my very core. Yesterday, at 4:15 in the afternoon, papa and I braced ourselves as we said goodbye to our beautiful darling dog, Lily Rose.

Over the last one month Lily’s health drastically deteriorated. Yesterday we found out this was due to a misdiagnosis of a well-known Mediterranean disease called Leishmania. Symptoms can be hard to detect until they’re not. And you’re suddenly faced with a very sick pet and the sickest of all feelings that something is definitely not OK.

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Mixed tape // summer playlist

I inherited my love for beautiful melodies from my dad. And recently I also received his impressive collection of vinyls!  I was given the perfect introduction to music when he and my mum decided to have classical tunes playing in the delivery room where I was being born. It is and always has been a huge part of my life, to say the least, so it only seems right to blog about it too.

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The Parent Hood // 16

1. Stunning summer photos by Wanderlust drifted.

2. This is a brilliant post by the 50s Housewife. An age by age list of ways to show your child how to clean up after themselves and contribute as a member of a household.

3. New favourite blog! That has absolutely nothing to do with parenting. 

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Ways to get your fussy kid to eat

Tried and tested, these are six tips that work when Georgie refuses food or insists on eating a mango for dinner.

1. Lie! Because most times, it works. One day Georgie asked me what was for lunch. I told him tuna and mayonnaise in a pitta pocket. For some reason, even though he likes tuna and mayonnaise, that day he kicked up a fuss. Up until the moment I placed the pita pocket in front of him he was sulking …so I lied. I told him I confused tuna with tofu and that what he was about to eat was in fact tofu. Let me just mention that Georgie has absolutely no clue what tofu is (even though he’s been eating tofu hot dogs for a couple of years now) and I had absolutely no idea if what I was saying would even register! But the mere mention of something different with a weird name and I had his attention and he finished that pita pocket.

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Five autobiographies/biographies/memoirs to read at the beach

Every summer since Georgie was born, Papa and I take three days off parent duty and spend time with friends while he spends some time with his grandparents. It’s an exciting time for me because I always feel that this is MY time, a time to do what one cannot normally do with kids. Like get a long massage, drink a cocktail or two before sunset, leave the room with nothing but a towel and a book, lounge by the pool and read said book continuously, without looking up once. Even blaring music through headphones! Daring stuff. All of which I am anxiously waiting to do.

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