A brief update

DSC_0965Last week, Georgie and I got carried away with late nights and late mornings due to something called Half Term. Can I just say I love Half Term? Canceling the alarm clock, staying up an extra hour or two watching reruns of The Walking Dead, cooking, baking, making messes and getting stuff done around the house was a nice change from our strict daily routine. I decided to step away from the laptop too hence the white noise here on the blog.

Green Monday provided an extra day off, which was ‘welcomed’ with several members of our family coming down with the flu. I think this was the first Green Monday spent in front of a fireplace watching movies. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? It wasn’t, actually. We were surrounded by family including my grandparents and had vegetables and bread coming out of our ears.

DSC_0981DSC_0986DSC_1003DSC_0989DSC_0995Monday evening arrives and I am preparing, both mentally and physically, for Tuesday and our return to routine when I get a phone call. Georgie had been chosen to participate in another TV commercial. I’m making it sound like it came out of the blue but that’s not the case. The week before, a friend who owns a production company called to ask if I would be interested in allowing Georgie to take part in an ad for a local boxed juice brand. This would be his second filming after the Nannys commercial in 2013 which albeit exhausting, turned out to be an awesome experience. I agreed. He went in for a casting session, met with the director and got the gig! Filming a single one-minute TV commercial involves an army of people and a 12-hour working day. Thankfully, Georgie is the Energizer Bunny and as sociable as a dolphin so I could relax and skip the guilt trip. Above are some pictures from the day of filming including one of my boy’s adorable morning face.

Time to sign off after this brief update…Georgie turns 4 this weekend. Again, lots to prepare… Both physically and most importantly, mentally.

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Mummy Beautiful // 03

This week on Mummy Beautiful: Emilia Koushoumi, mother of four.



What is your daytime skincare routine? I’ll be honest and say I don’t really bother too much with my skin during the day unless I feel dry in which case I use a moisturiser.

What is your nighttime skincare routine? I wash my face with water and nothing else before I go to bed. Again I may apply a moisturiser but not always because I don’t feel my skin needs it.

Favourite beauty product? Eyeliner by MAC.

Favourite skincare product? I have an exfoliating scrub which was a gift from my sister and I love it. It’s by Dr Organic, I think.

Healthy habits? All my healthy habits go into my diet because that’s all I find time for right now. I used to exercise three times a week before number 4 came along. I can’t wait to fit that back into my schedule.

Any tips/advice? When you’re pushing a buggy or taking the kids for a walk, make sure you get the most out of it and work those muscles.

You have five minutes to tend to your face. What do you apply? Lip balm and maybe eyeliner. Maybe.

odd ends

DSC_0878 DSC_0869 DSC_0872 DSC_0938 DSC_0936 DSC_0943 DSC_0950 DSC_09541. That morning when the sky was gorgeous and not blue.

2. He knows the numbers and is recognising letters. So proud!

3. Afternoon shadows and lights.

4. He dressed up for a Carnival Party at school. I thought of this costume one night and almost woke him up to ask him what he thinks. I hoped he would say ‘yes’. Turns out my son is just as obsessed with Superman as I am.

5. Really bad lighting but it’s Clark Kent having breakfast…in his Batman robe!

6. ‘Mummy, look! It’s the house in UP!’ Drawn on February 14.

7. Quiet moments.

8. Valentine roses. The chocolates were my favourite.


The Parent Hood// 08

DSC_07041. This month, I decided to give my regular Pilates classes a break and head to the gym for the first time in years. Change is good especially when you’re working muscles. If I’m putting time and energy into something I like to do it well so I’ve been looking up pre-workout smoothies and foods. If you work out, even if that is 30 minutes on the treadmill like me, you should check this link.

2. I’m not sure how I feel about this but as a mother I think I understand. This series of heartbreakingly beautiful photographs are taken by a US organisation called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and feature parents with their newborns in their last moments together.

3. 50 inspiring children’s books with a positive message. I will not pretend I got through the whole list because I didn’t but from what I have seen there are great titles mentioned. Also great for all ages.

4. We’re not quite there yet with Georgie but I have a feeling the sex questions will start coming very soon and I want to be prepared. If you find yourself in this position (no pun intended) check out Cup of Jo’s book recommendations for every age. 

5. Do you brush your teeth in the shower? You might want to stop after reading this.



DSC_0926Included among last week’s The Parent Hood links, was one of my most exciting kids discoveries ever. Cosmic Kids Yoga videos, absolutely free on You Tube, are a massive hit with Georgie who insists on ‘doing yoga with the nice lady’ every evening before bedtime. After his bath and before we climb into his bed for a bedtime story, I take my laptop into his bedroom and we both follow Jamie’s (aka ‘the nice lady’) moves. There are a number of things I like about Cosmic Kids; the simplicity of the moves, the fact that the videos are free and most importantly, how Jamie captures kids’ attention with an adventurous storyline, feeding their imagination. The fact that she speaks with an English accent is a plus for me.

Even if you have never practiced yoga and wouldn’t have the first clue where to start, don’t worry. These videos work no matter who you are. I asked my sister to come over with her two older kids (ages 8 and 6) who had never done yoga to see how they liked it. They absolutely loved it and ended up watching two 20-minute videos in a row. Georgie and his other cousin (also four years old)  ended up playing with toy cars after the first ten minutes, so if you feel your little one is too young, just try exposing him/her to it at a quieter moment when they can really concentrate and begin to appreciate.DSC_0886 DSC_0906DSC_0898DSC_0913DSC_0921DSC_0929DSC_0887Yoga, it turns out, is great fun for kids but did you know that it is massively beneficial too? Physically it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness and it is also an excellent way to work on their concentration, self-esteem and breathing techniques which can help calm and relax. I truly hope yoga will continue to be a part of Georgie’s life. I’ll have Cosmic Kids and ‘the nice lady’ to thank for that!

You can read more about the benefits of yoga for kids here and here.