Making hummus with Georgie

The other day I wrote a post about the 10 foods I always have in my kitchen. One of those foods are dips. Do you, by any chance, remember how I mentioned that Georgie likes hummus? Well, surprise surprise now he doesn’t! Isn’t that peculiar? I don’t get these swift changes my kid goes through! Do any of you experience this with your kids?

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The Parent Hood // 22

The Ikea catalogue is my version of a porn magazine. It’s a major inspiration plus it allows me to dream of a house jam-packed with hanging plants…if only I wasn’t the biggest plant killer ever.

1. Overnight oats. Seven incredible ways to a healthy and delicious breakfast that won’t take up time in the morning.

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Talking to kids about death

The morning Lily Rose was diagnosed with Leishmania and her fate sealed, Georgie was at summer school. The house was quiet aside from my wailing. For a few moments I was able to pretend that nothing and no one else existed in the world. I was able to ignore the aftermath of her death and zero in on my emotions, my loss. For just a few moments though because soon I would have to face a little boy and explain what death means. I would have to help him deal with HIS loss.

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Odd ends

1. Young Lennon fan.

2. It’s about time I repotted this beauty.

3. Attempting to stay seated on a chair at a restaurant in order to get a hot chocolate.

4. My new baby. She has brought so much happiness into our lives. Meet Indie.

5. A gift for Georgie from his uncle. Meet Sully and Boo.

6. Favourite spot.

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The Parent Hood// 21

Stress, worry and too many thoughts kept creeping up on me this week. It’s taken determination, meditation, a catch-up/gossip coffee session with my girls, lots of cooking and Billie Holiday on repeat and I think I’m ok and ready for the weekend. There’s something phenomenally soothing about cooking and listening to Billie.

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