odd ends

Yesterday was Georgie’s name day. Name days are a HUGE deal in Cyprus. People celebrate the day more than they do their birthdays. My in laws are people. So it was only natural that Georgie would have a big day and night ahead of him. He had a nap during the afternoon but it was nowhere near enough for him to last until 8. I stressed just about enough to forget my camera -so sorry but no pics. He ended up lasting until 9 when he started running around in circles, sulking and throwing his hands in the air in protest. I grabbed a tupperware my mother in law prepared for me and took him home. He was in bed by 9.30 but didn’t sleep his usual 12 hours. He slept 10 which isn’t bad I know. But how true is it that the earlier you put them to bed the more hours they’ll sleep.

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