baking and painting

     Last night, we ordered in but I was in the mood to make dessert so I whipped up some strawberry tarts – technically i didn’t bake anything. The tart cases were ready. Oops. I did make the custard from scratch and the strawberries were organic so all eight tarts were scrumptious.

I saved one for Georgie because he hasn’t tasted the sweetness that is custard yet- I know! Ridiculous, right? Picture taken with brand spanking new iPad!      For some bizarre reason, he took the strawberries off before giving it a go. He then of course devoured the berries and waved his hands around for more. 

We then packed up our fingerpaints and new blank canvases for Angelo, Mia, Achilleas and Georgie and headed to my sister’s for some messy fun. 


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