fish, sheep, birdies and chickens

This is what we had for lunch today! I wish I could say papa fought a vicious battle to bring this 5 kilo fish home but the truth is we bought it from a fisherman and decided to take to my sister’s house for a big lunch with the familia. Not quite sure what type of fish it is but it tasted AMAZING as you can imagine!It took two and a half hours to cook it to perfection so Georgie, my mum and dad and I took a walk down to the farm. Georgie’s been doing this funny thing where he mimics Tano by growling, eating food off the floor and chewing toys so it was only natural he would mimic the other animals too!

3 thoughts on “fish, sheep, birdies and chickens

  1. Seems like THE perfect environment to bring up a health, balanced, grounded, happy & content boy – well done Eleni x

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